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“Paradox Studios goes above and beyond to help you along your journey in the digital world of marketing. Highly recommend.”
★★★★★ Melanie M.

Comprehensive Business Transformation

What if there was an option for your business to access a suite of digital marketing solutions, across various platforms, all managed in one place, by one supplier, for one tiered cost? Well, that is exactly what Paradox Studio’s Business Growth Membership is!

Access & Benefits

Technology & Tools

Our BGM subscriptions offers you the widest range of digital services that can be tailored to your needs

Training & Support

* Our training courses are specifically designed to cater to your needs and empower you to transform your own business for the future. With us by your side, you’re equipped to make your vision of success a reality!

Traffic & Visibility

Unlock the Power of our proprietary platforms designed to Connect with Customers and Grow Your Business

TT DIRECTORY is a trusted online directory in Trinidad & Tobago dedicated to helping businesses like yours get more exposure, connect with customers

(LITT) is a powerful digital platform empowering micro and small businesses in Trinidad and Tobago to achieve growth and amplify their voice.

WhirLocal TT

 An automated “neighborhood marketing platform” that helps you get found by local consumers, generate more online reviews, recommendations, and referrals, manage your content and sales funnels, and grow revenue.

Our Ideal Customers

Who Is This For?

Small and medium enterprises with an existing web/digital presence that need added support and expertise to optimize and improve their customer experience and better leverage their overall digital standing. Their intent is to drive traffic, increase conversions and sales, utilize data analytics and metrics, improve customer engagement, conduct targeted advertising and brand building.

Hear From Our Members

Nekesha A.B. Ramey
Nekesha A.B. Ramey
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The training provided by Paradox Studios is state-of-the-art. It's also practical and can be implemented right away. I particularly love the real time work sheets and course material.

Melanie Maharaj
Melanie Maharaj
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Paradox Studios goes above and beyond to help you along your journey in the digital world of marketing. Their training techniques set them apart, with open communication and valued responses, they create an environment conducive to learning.
Ammeil Ali
Ammeil Ali
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I kickstarted my career in digital marketing by doing courses with Paradox Studios through their Digital Marketing Academy. Very professional service and the content of their courses is up to date and practical.

Why Choose Our BGM?

Support from Experts

Having access to a support team from the agency can be invaluable. Whether you need technical assistance, strategic advice, or help troubleshooting issues, having a support team can provide peace of mind and ensure that your digital marketing efforts run smoothly.


Our BGM is designed to serve an exclusive selection of businesses to ensure that our output is valuable and your business is prioritized. In each geographical location, we hope to provide services to only one business on each tier per category.


As your business grows, the suite can often scale with you. This scalability is important for small businesses planning for expansion, ensuring that the digital marketing tools and strategies can accommodate increased demands and a growing online presence


Subscribing to a digital marketing suite often provides a more cost-effective solution compared to purchasing individual tools or services separately. Bundling services can lead to significant cost savings for small businesses, making it more affordable to access a comprehensive suite of marketing resources.

Simple Billing

Pricing in local currency (TTD) which eliminates the hassle of sourcing ForEx to purchase solutions.

Affordable Plans, Crazy Value

Business Growth Packages

$800 TT/mo

Best Value

$1,600 TT/mo


$2,400 TT/mo

Traffic & Visibility
National Directory Visibility (TT DIRECTORY)

3rd Place

2nd Place

1st Place

National Magazine Visibility (Life In Trinidad & Tobago)




Local Magazine/Directory Visibility (WhirLocal)

Business Supporter

Business Supporter

Neighborhood Sponsor

Monthly Business Feature (via Social Media)




Quarterly Sponsored Article/Blog Post (with Lead Capture)



Managed WordPress Website Hosting (One Website) + (Unlimited Funnels & Landing Pages via Subdomains)
Centralize/Collect Leads from FB + IG + GBP + Website + TT DIRECTORY + LITT + WhirLocal (In One Place with CRM via Desktop + Mobile App)
AI Powered Social Media Scheduler (Integrate and manage all social media accounts in one place)
Central Dashboard With Analytics + Marketing Automation + Workflows
TT DIRECTORY BLACK CARD (Access Consumer Discounts & Exclusive Business (B2B) Local Discounts)

Based on Tier

Based on Tier

Based on Tier

Publish Discounts & Offers to TT DIRECTORY Membership Card Network

Based on Tier

Based on Tier

Based on Tier

Discounted Access to Add Ons: (Website Design + SEO + PPC + Social Ads + Training)

Based on Tier

Based on Tier

Based on Tier

Access To Learning & Resource Portal (Sales & Marketing Resources)
Dedicated Account Manager
Your Questions, Answered


What is the Business Growth Membership (BGM), and how can it benefit my business?

BGM is an exclusive program designed to accelerate business growth through enhanced digital visibility, access to advanced marketing tools, and exclusive discounts on various services. Members enjoy benefits like national directory visibility, social media spotlights, and access to a learning portal, helping businesses increase their online presence, streamline operations, and grow their revenue.

What are the different membership tiers available, and what do they offer?

BGM offers three membership tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each tier provides incremental benefits, including increased visibility through directory listings and social media features, access to marketing and CRM tools, and discounts on add-on services like SEO and website design. The level of access to resources and support escalates with each tier, allowing businesses to choose the package that best fits their needs.

How does BGM help improve my business's online visibility and marketing?

BGM enhances your business’s online visibility and marketing through several channels. It includes listing your business in a national directory, featuring your business in national and local magazines, monthly social media spotlights, and quarterly sponsored articles. These efforts are designed to boost your SEO, drive traffic to your website, and increase your brand’s exposure across digital platforms.

Can I access training and support to improve my marketing skills through BGM?

Yes, BGM provides access to a learning and resource portal that offers sales and marketing resources, including guides, checklists, and video training. For those at the Platinum level, there’s also the added benefit of a dedicated account manager for personalized support and guidance, helping you to effectively leverage the BGM offerings to maximize your business growth.

Are there any exclusive discounts or benefits for BGM members?

Members benefit from the TT DIRECTORY Black Card, which offers exclusive consumer and B2B discounts on a wide range of products and services. Additionally, members can publish their own discounts on the platform to attract customers and gain discounted access to essential add-ons like website design and SEO services, providing significant savings and added value to your membership.


The Life in Trinidad and Tobago platform Is a premium, digital niche media brand that focuses on all aspects of life in Trinidad and Tobago. It provides business listings and trending, current information on the various aspects of T&T life for locals, visitors and businesses. 

Enhance your brand by connecting with a well-known, visible and vibrant platform and digital hub that visitors look to for inspiration, engagement and information. Grow Your Business Prospects and Profits by getting listed in our Business Directory. 

Enjoy the increased visibility to potential customers by being highlighted in one of our Business Features.